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PD, Training, & Presentations (Education Series)

SCHEDULE: Dr. Dawn McBride runs monthly trainings when her schedule allows. She is also available to offer keynote addresses as well as plan, and facilitate, customized professional development educational presentations/workshops for agencies (non-profit & private practice). See below for a summary of the trainings she frequently offers. At present, the customized trainings, those below with titles in lower case, will not be available until 2024.


TO REGISTER FOR DAWN MCBRIDE'S TRAININGS: Most of her trainings are offered to the public via the registration process Eventbrite - updated monthly. This site also contains extensive descriptions for each training event,  including the policies for the training.  To learn what trainings are currently available, please check:


FEE DISCOUNT: Although Dawn aims to keep training fees reasonable, she happily offers a 10% discount when 10 of more staff from the same agency register for the same DPS event. In addition, those who register 15 or more staff (same event, same agency) then Dawn also offers the agency a full one-hour consultation session (virtual) based on the training material - at no additional cost! To arrange this special deal, please contact the DPS office:  *Note, agency staff register the staff on Eventbrite.

FORMAT: All trainings are offered via Zoom Pro (DPS license) or in person (e.g., the expressive arts via Transactional Analysis training will be held in amazing Fernie in February 2023- for more details please refer to:

DESCRIPTIONS: For a summary of most of the trainings Dawn offers, please see below for a visual handout. Further down the page is a long list (with accompanying summaries) of the some of the main trainings Dawn enjoys to offer. Please note that the CAPITALIZED trainings are offered to the public usually using Eventbrite as the registration course.  Dawn is also able to customize her trainings for private audiences (e.g., agency).

NOTE: It is vital to convey that when Dawn is hosting a training event she is NOT representing any regulatory body, training association, or counselling organization. Thus, all audience members are expected to critically reflect upon any of Dawn's/DPS training material so they can take from this training what fits –accept, reject, or modify– according to their counselling practice and style, agency expectations and protocols, their values, and their code of ethics/standards of practice. BONUS: Dawn offers consultation services (on a sliding scale) to help digest (modify) any of her material to ensure a good fit that aligns with your values, counselling style, and needs. For information on the consultation services, please click on this link: consultation.

To Register For The Trainings (when offered) Described In Detail (see below)
please click anywhere on the above brown heading to register.
The frequency as to when these trainings are offered tend to be limited - sometimes just once a year. 

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(with summaries)

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