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Academic Research

My specific research & presentation topics include, but not limited to:


COUNSELLING & CLINICAL > Advanced trauma-informed care (e.g., family violence, family of origin abuse, PSTD, rape, car accidents, witness or experience a mass trauma, emotional exhaustion due to working with clients with traumatic histories) using a 3-phase model I created that centres around emotional regulation, attachment, and bottom-up interventions; Self-Harm & Chronic Suicide Risk; Anxiety; Group Therapy - with a focus on process rather than 'content'; Mental Health Issues (e.g., Borderline Personality Tendencies, OCD, Schizophrenia, etc.); Play Therapy; and Creative Expressive Therapies


E-LEARNING > I have written on web-based video conferencing for graduate courses;  I am also very interested in studying other forms of learning that do not require a classroom-based approach. 


MULTICULTURAL ISSUES > Multicultural counselling (particularly with Muslim & Arab clients) and teaching in multicultural settings. I co-edited a book,"Teaching and Learning across Cultures in Higher Education". (Of interest, I spent a number of years teaching in a Muslim country in the Middle East). I also took a group of university students to Japan (2019).


PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & EVALUATION > Relates to developing and/or evaluating programs within the counselling / school system that are designed to initiate and/or promote mental wellness (e.g., evaluate change in family violence groups, school counselling program to address bullying and helping victims of bullying, etc.) 

My Research Profiles

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