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Owner, Registered Psychologist (clinical & counselling), Advanced Supervisor, Educational Coach,

Associate Professor (tenured; counsellor education) & National Ethics Expert (Counselling)

Areas of Service for Telepsychology: Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and the Yukon

Dr. McBride has been in the helping profession for nearly 30 years and teaching in the counsellor education field for over 25 years. She has a long and extensive history of working in the family violence field–helping those who have been abusive, abused, and witnessed abuse–regain having loving, safe relationships. Her clinical areas of expertise range from the assessment and treatment of complex trauma and dissociation (e.g., family violence, motor vehicle accidents, work-related trauma), self-harm, personality disorder issues, work stress, anxiety, and OCD. She also enjoys helping those seeking personal growth such as therapists where she actively uses Transactional Analysis. She practices from a variety of theories which are described under the counselling tab (e.g., EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Structural Dissociation, Creative Expressive Arts).

She has won numerous teaching awards, has co-edited a book on teaching practices across cultures in higher education, is working on a book on documentation and consent issues in counselling, and has presented at many international conferences. She was very honoured to receive an award from the Calgary Women's Shelter for providing exceptional clinical and ethical education to their staff.  In her role as as a tenured associate professor, she has an active research agenda that includes the study of ethics (value-based, best practices with record keeping, consent practices), the advanced use of many therapeutic approaches (e.g., emotional regulation, play therapies, group therapy, somatic interventions, expressive therapies, transactional analysis), multiculturalism, and supervision/training. If you need more more information about Dawn perhaps view her university webpage:   To contact Dawn, please use: 



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Makayla Arcand

Office Administrator and Training Coordinator

Jarvis Larson

Manager For In-Person Trainings

Makayla will be likely be your first contact with DPS and she will help run DPS (along with Jarvis & Alyson as well as other contracted staff).

I have known Makayla for years, as she has served as my research assistant for DPS. She, like Alyson, has a background psychology. Makayla has recently earned her BSc in psychology (congratulations!) and plans to become a registered psychologist. She describes herself as an avid reader, particularly in psychology and self-help.


BONUS: Makayla embraces the need to be highly ethical and to keep clients "as the most important person in the room" (Dawn's favourite saying). She works as a Developmental Behaviour Aide - helping those with a range of issues such as autism and anxiety.

To contact Makayla, please use this email:

Mr. Jarvis Larson organizes, hosts, and manages the issues related to offering our in-person DPS workshops/presentations (for the public) at local, national, and international levels. In addition, he handles many of the behind-the-scenes tasks related to the successful operation of DPS. Jarvis is also learning additional roles in DPS so he can join us for some of our online trainings.


Jarvis is well known for his easy going style and providing delicious afternoon treats, including bringing out the comfort food during the highly intense ethical trainings when offered face to face. If we are lucky, he also provides samples of the amazing gluten-free cakes he sells.

Jarvis can be reached by contacting the DPS office at Jarvis will respond via phone or email

BONUS: He is an amazing, deep registered massage therapist (Alberta). As a result, when we are delivering in-person workshops in Alberta, he will often bring his massage chair :)  Neat, eh!  Bookings are done on the day of the workshop.

Alyson Worrall

DPS Support Specialist

Since 2021

Alyson is our valuable behind-the-scenes assistant. She provides professional editing of DPS documents, looks after the blind email list, and helps to maintain the DPS website as well assists where and when needed.  


SPECIAL BONUS - she is also a skilled therapist! Alyson is a registered psychologist, an EMDR Certified Therapist, and has extensive experience in helping people reduce symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Currently, Alyson is welcoming new clients into her counselling practice (in Lethbridge and offers virtual services). For more information about Alyson and to contact her for a free discovery meeting to see if you would like to receive her counselling services, please consult her informative webpage:

FYI: Alyson has taken extensive training to become Dawn's lead group co-facilitator when Dawn offers her process-based group therapy training (offered with a somatic & attachment focus along with a developmental group stage approach).

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