*** Please Note I am not accepting any more CAP supervision until 2024. ***

Supervision Services: For Those Who Are In

Training To Become A Psychologists (CAP)

Please refer to the CONSULTATION tab if you are NOT seeking CAP related supervision.

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Congratulations for getting to the stage where you are ready for CAP supervision. Supervision is a true gift ... for yourself and your clients.

I practice supervision from a developmental perspective and encourage you to seek out my writings on the topic. My supervision (and my consultation style) is to help you identify and reinforce what you are doing well as well as invite you to take your skill set to a higher level.


Benefits to supervision with me include, but not limited to:

  • refining your counselling skills,

  • helping you practice even more ethically,

  • enhancing your case conceptualization skills,

  • expanding your professional competencies,

  • training you in new approaches/interventions, 

  • inviting you to engage in deeper personal awareness and growth                                                                                              with your personal therapist, and perhaps

  • helping you avoid counsellor burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious traumatization.

Some Highlights (& Benefits) of CAP Supervision with Me:

  • I have an informed consent form for you to review - it highlights our mutual roles and responsibilities as well as your rights.

  • I am very structured when offering supervision –this is not coffee time- as you deserve to have the session very focused on you and your clients:


  • I will provide you with the agenda template, and you are welcome to modify it to fit your style.

  • I aim to be available to you 24/7, assuming I am accessible, for emergencies such as debriefing a serious client incident or being served with a subpoena.

  • I will offer you, in my role as your CAP supervisor, four roles: teacher, consultant, evaluator, and a facilitator of self-growth.

  • We will use recordings (video and audio) in CAP supervision whenever possible. I will help you make this a comfortable experience for you and your clients.

  • I will review your counselling files and outgoing client letters to help you refine your documentation skills.

  • We will meet for supervision on a semiregular basis, but the time, method, and frequency of sessions may fluctuate given my availability.