Consultation Services

  • Consultation, much like supervision, is an important investment. This is time for you.

  • I am available to offer you a confidential and supportive space to:

(a) refine/enhance your consent, documentation, & other ethical record keeping skills

(b) assist in resolving time consuming ethical dilemmas,

(c) expand your case conceptualization of a client(s),

(d) debrief cases, which allows us to process the ups and downs of our work rather than bottle it inside,

(e) unpack and address staff dynamics and conflicts,

(e) discover, expand, and/or refine a long list of treatment approaches/interventions, 

(f) discuss ways to develop and/or enhance your private practice business, and

(g) help you navigate the challenges of responding to/handling an complaint or legal challenge

I offer consultation services:

  • to individuals and agencies/organizations on a sliding scale.

  • on most days a week, including Friday evenings & the weekend.

  • in person, by phone, or by video conferencing.

  • as a one-time service or a regularly scheduled service.

  • after you have been briefed on critical information you have a right to know before you agree to seek consultation services from me (e.g., your rights, limitations to consultation, my availability, how consultation is very different from supervision).

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Working Together - How It Works

1. Always... you have the right to ponder my suggestions knowing you have the right to decide what to accept, reject, or modify. 2. It is my intent to keep the sessions goal oriented. I invite you to consider: “ What do I need from Dawn to make today's consultation session a good use of my time?”. I will often ask at the end of our time: " What stood out for you in our time together and is there anything you want to clarify and/or wish I might have said/done differently?". 3. I will provide you with a service that is ethical and competent within the confines of a supervision relationship. Overall, my services will be consistent with the Principles outlined by the Canadian Psychological Association. 4. I will protect your privacy. I do not record the content of our meetings. I am determined to offer you a space that you can be free to share and process what you need to - in a confidential manner.
5. Boundaries: In my role as a consultant, I will not be responsible, nor assume any responsibility, for your actions as a therapist (e.g. I will not be responsible for your: caseload, client files, ethical conduct, or the services you provide). This is outlined in my informed consent document. 6. You contact me: You are welcome to contact me for a one-time consult or seek my support more frequently. Unlike a primary supervisor, I shall wait for you to check in or follow up with me. You remain in charge of when you would like to meet and for how long as well as what type of support you would like. I am ready and willing to have your back. What other questions can I answer for you?

Consultation Fees - Sliding Scale Options

Fees - Option 1 for those who charge clients, such as working in private practice, even if you see a few clients a week: My hourly fee simply matches, every time we connect, what you (or the agency) advertises as your highest posted billing rate for clients. Thus, if you notify clients you charge $150/hr then I charge you $150/hr.

Fees - Option 2 for those who do not charge any clients in any of your roles (e.g., work in AHS, government agencies (non-profit), schools, or front line agencies, such as shelters): I offer a substantially reduced rate for consultation services - you pick the rate you believe is fair to pay: $75/hr up to $250/hr (you select the rate that you believe is fair to cover my time and expertise). This rate is for 1:1 support.

  • ** This low, sliding scale rate is out of the deep respect I carry for the work you do and for knowing you are earning a much lower rate of pay than what could be obtained from working in private practice or if your charged your clients. Thank you for your social justice and awareness that not everyone can afford private counselling services.

  • ** If you work in private practice and also work in non-profit, then option 1 applies to you.

NOTES: i) There is a travel fee of $10 for each visit to your counselling office if within Lethbridge (if outside Lethbridge then the fee varies which we will discuss) plus any parking fees, ii) I am required to charge GST for all consultation services, and iii) there are different rates if you are a provisional psychologist, as I offer a substantial reduced rate for those in training - please see the supervision tab.