Consultation Services

  • Consultation, much like supervision, is an important investment. This is time for you.

  • I am available to offer you a confidential and supportive space to:

(a) debrief cases, which allows us to process the ups and downs of our work rather than bottle it inside,

(b) assist in resolving taxing, time consuming ethical dilemmas,

(c) expand your case conceptualization of a client(s),

(d) refine and enhance your counselling and documentation and other record keeping skills,

(e) unpack and address staff dynamics and conflicts,

(e) discover, expand, and/or refine a long list of treatment approaches/interventions, and if desired,

(f) discuss ways to develop and/or enhance your private practice business. 

  • In my role as a your consultant, I encourage you to use our time in whatever makes sense to you. We can meet F2F, over the phone, or using Skype. You can meet with me once or as many times as you need. My fee is on a sliding scale.

I offer consultation services:

  • to individuals and agencies/organizations.

  • on most days a week, including Friday evenings & the weekend.

  • in person, by phone, or by video conferencing.

  • as a one-time service or a regularly scheduled service.

  • after you:

(a) have had your questions answered regarding my consultation services (free meet & greet call), and

(b) signed an informed consent form indicating you are aware of your rights, the purposes, limitations, advantages, and other issues associated with receiving consultation services from me.


Dr. McBride welcomes clients  & professionals of all sexualities and gender identities.

Flag designed by Julia Feliz & Hayley Brown


Dr. McBride welcomes clients & professionals of all Indigenous cultures.

Flag designed by Kwakwaka’wakw artist - Curtis Wilson